Projects and news

Plan de recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia
Pilot Project Río La Villa (Panamá)
Sponsorship of Orionis in the race “A Santiago contra el Cáncer”
IoT for the monitoring and remote control of irrigation networks with sigma5: CR Sur Andévalo
Orionis team in the I Conference of Andalusian Irrigation
We continue to innovate with the IoT in the management of irrigation networks: CR Payuelos (León)
New Orionis delegation in Celaya (Guanajuato, México)
First fully automated extensive irrigation system in Andalusia with IoT technology of Orionis
Remote-controlled system of the Irrigation Network in Collarada-Montesusín (Huesca)
Ariéstolas Crops, agronomic irrigation with sigma5
Community of Irrigators of Canal del Páramo (León, Spain)