precision irrigation 4.0

Plan de recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia

“Our goal is to provide effective and efficient solutions based on IoT technologies for “precision irrigation”

our value proposition

Offer farmers and technicians of agricultural farms effective and efficient solutions based on IoT and Cloud technologies to implement irrigation remote control systems that help them obtain the benefits of agriculture 4.0:

  • Manage efficiently and reliably agronomic irrigation and the application of fertilizers: “riego de precisión”
  • Improve and optimize production
  • Make the investment profitable, helping to lower the costs associated with inputs

For this we offer effective solutions, easy to implement, modular and economical for the remote control of irrigation in farms based on applications that use sigma5 IoT controllers complemented by mobile applications nebula that allow:

  • automate irrigation and fertilizer application with precision
  • easy and flexible irrigation programming from mobile devices
  • fertigation
  • the sensing and telemetry of climate and soil parameters
  • have information in real time to make decisions
  • save time, fuel and supplies
  • have digital services for agricultural technicians and consultants to apply their recommendations to irrigation

Our goal is to provide effective and efficient solutions based on IoT technologies for “precision irrigation”

4.0 irrigation in super-intensive crops

solar pumping combined with automated irrigation of arboreal crops

remote control of the solar pumping coordinated with the irrigation head and wireless sector valves. It allows the integration of soil sensors and irrigation in an efficient way, adapting the irrigation to the capacity of elevation (supply) and to the needs of the crop (demand).

super-intensive irrigation of arboreal crops

virtual controller with valves of distributed sector: they are handled as if they were from a single controller coordinated with the irrigation head. Eliminates wiring and microtubes, allows the integration of soil sensors and irrigation with high frequency. It is easy to install and operate

irrigation 4.0 in extensive crops

IoT remote control for fertigation on ranch, Celaya (Mexico)

Remote control of the wells for automated filling and irrigation with central controller S5-18.8.2-G and distributed sector valves remotely controlled by S5-0.2.0-G: the entire system is operated as if it were a single controller. It eliminates wiring and microtubes, allows the integration of soil sensors and high frequency and selective irrigation.

automated irrigation of tomatoes
(Sevilla Spain)

central controller S5-6.6.2-G and distributed sector valves telemanded by S5-0.2.0-G: the entire installation is handled as if there were only one controller. Eliminates wiring and microtubes, allows to integrate soil sensors and irrigate with high frequency and selectively

automated fertirrigation in citrus cultivation (Valencia-Spain)

fertirrigacion super extensiva

remote irrigation: irrigation head S5-10.8.2-G and wireless sector valves S5-0.2.0-G: telecontrol of fertigation coordinated with the sectors, allows to integrate soil sensors and water with high frequency.

extensive irrigation of corn farm Ariéstolas Crops
(Huesca – Spain)


PIVOT irrigation remote control coordinated with sprinkler irrigation. Wiring and microtubes have been eliminated; allows irrigates efficiently

energy and hydraulic efficiency in irrigation with pivot and sprinkler

remote control and automation for coordination of the pumping stations and pivot, regulating pressures and saving energy

irrigation 4.0 in plots

simple IoT controller

programador IoT de parecela


sigma5: Internet-connected, compact, IP68 waterproof, with datalogger, modular and expandable, models for 3, 6, 10, 13 and 17 sectors.

programador IoT para fertirrigación

 sigma5: 2.5G internet-connected irrigation controller, compact, IP68 watertight, with datalogger, modular and expandable for irrigation heads (fertigation).

removable irrigation in plots

Tomas agrupadas

spike sigma 5: installed next to the sector valves outdoors (IP68), minimizing the use of microtubes and cables, and is operated with the mobile phone. Compact, easy to install

drip irrigation 4.0

irrigation in fruit trees, with anti-freeze nebulizers

anti-freeze remote control irrigation: controls the temperature and activates the anti-freeze nebulizers; it is handled with the smartphone

drip irrigation in vineyard

Riego por goteo viña

anti-stress irrigation: controls the temperature, and activates the irrigation with high temperature; it is handled with the smartphone

climate, soil and water

Monitor and control the agroclimatic conditions of crops (humidity, conductivity, temperature, rainfall) with the sigma 5 datalogger. Monitor them with the monitor app to make decisions and act on the irrigation and dosage of fertilizers, determining their water needs, helping them to improve their production.
Interact automatically with the irrigation controllers according to the soil and / or rainfall parameters: when the datalogger that measures soil humidity detects that a predetermined value is reached, it instructs the main controller to stop the irrigation in progress. With that, it is possible to give the plant the right water and save water and energy.

agronomic stations

monitoring with climate and soil sensors



monitoring and control of temperatures, humidity, water and fertilizers in greenhouses

wells and pumping stations

From monitoring to the implementation of simple remote controls to control remotely the wells or the automatization and remote control of pumping stations, optimizing their efficiency, depending on your irrigation needs and electricity rates can be solved with our solutions based on the RTU datalogger delta and alpha, and the monitor app, that will help you manage your farm


monitoring and remote control of wells and pumping stations: control of the electromechanical state of the pumps and their hydraulic parameters

remote control


automatic filling of the pond, automation of the pumping station

ponds, deposits and tanks

Monitor and supervise your ponds and water tanks, controlling at all times the level and capacity of stored water, record the consumptions, and solve the automatization of automatic filling keeping your infrastructure controlled at all times in real time with our monitor app, which will help you optimize water availability for your crops



monitoring and telemetry of level, volume and flow, remote control of valves

deposits and tanks

monitoring, telemetry level, volume and flow