delta5: RTU and IoT dataloggers

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technology for hydraulic infrastructures and the environment

delta5 = datalogger or RTU with IoT technology, scalable and compact

datalogger or RTU with IoT technology, compact and scalable for monitoring, remote reading, remote control of hydraulic infrastructures and environmental surveillance applications. They are designed for harsh and industrial environments, with low power requirements (low consumption); it is IP68 watertight and IK7 impact resistant; it is scalable: a single device and multiple models. They are easily programmed via serial port or Bluetooth (BLE 5.1) and internet (integrated GPRS-2.5G-4G modem), and can also send information via the Iridium satellite network (integrated Iridium modem). They allow easy interoperability and connectivity through standard modbus, OPC-UA, API and FTP, MQTT with the conectahub front end that facilitates integration with third-party systems and SCADAS from other manufacturers; as well as easy monitoring from mobile devices with the web-app monitor


delta5 special and innovative features

1) 2.5G / 4G public IoT communications in real time (ONLine), secure, and bluetooth connection for local operations from mobile devices. Iridium satellite communications (optional model as integrated satellite modem)

2) digital input channels (DI), pulse for counting (CI), analog type 4..20 mA (EA), and serial channel (SP RS485) with modbus-RTU protocol.

3) scalability: you can evolve a model to a superior one without changing the hardware. Datalogger models available that can be scaled to become an RTU for telecontrol applications: a single device, multiple models (datalogger and / or RTU)

4) self-monitoring of the operating conditions of the RTU itself, detection and generation of alarms, remote-resettable internal electronic protections, remote firmware update (OTA)


5) easy connection to sensors and actuators through IP68 watertight connectors, so it is not necessary to open the equipment.


6) Sealing (IP68), robustness (IK7), small dimensions

7) advanced monitoring and acquisition functions (datalogger) and telecontrol (RTU), depending on the model, for monitoring pressures, levels, flows, quality, and for remote control of actuators with specialized automation


8) multiple power systems and ultra-low consumption: autonomous with lithium batteries; with rechargeable batteries and mini-solar panel or Vca power supply.


9) ON / OFF intelligent ignition system, with IP68 watertight switch to switch the datalogger on / off in a controlled way without disconnecting the battery or having to open the equipment.


10) Externally accessible SIM holder with IP68 watertight cap (optional)


11) interoperable – can be mixed with third-party systems. Through its communications front, Conectahub has modbus-TCP, OPC-UA, MQTT and FTP connectivity.



delta5 multiple power suply systems

  • solar, with 1w or 5w mini-panels​
  • mixed redundant : power supply + solar panel​
  • autonomous: non-rechargeable lithium battery pack​

solar: internal battery​ and 12V solar mini-panel

mixed redundant 110-240 Vac power supply, with sealed power supply and 12 Vdc solar panel

external: power from battery box or external battery (s) 12 Vdc​

and solar panel.

Note: in this case the internal battery is not mounted

autonomous: only with internal long-life lead or lithium batteries

altern 110-240 Vcawith waterproof power supply IP68 12-15 Vcc

autonomousonly with long-life internal lead or lithium batteries

delta5 accessories: junction boxes for RTUs and sensors

40 cm cable with double IP68 connector

IP68 junction box, with connections to terminals

IP68 junction box, with connections to terminals


protection box dim 270x270x170 mm

dataloggers delta5 models available for monitoring

* scalability: any model can be remotely upgraded to another superior model, except those marked with *, which are made at the factory

RTU datalogger delta5 models available for monitoring, telemetry and remote control

scalability: any model can be remotely expanded to another superior model, except those marked with *, which are made at the factory