detecta: IoT sensors with datalogger

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detecta: IoT sensors that combine RTU dataloggers, specific bores and app monitor

or monitoring, telemetry, surveillance and remote control of parameters of:

  • sectorization and leakage control of hydraulic networks
  • spill control (detection and quantification)
  • water quality control and monitoring
  • control of avenues in rivers
  • pressure modulation in hydraulic networks
  • telemetry of levels in wells and deposits
  • flow measurement in waterways
  • energetic control and telemetry of electrical and hydraulic parameters
  • climate and soil telemetry and precision irrigation

IoT sensor datalogger for pressure and flow measurement

RIGEL: pressure modulation in the network in time slots

IoT sensor for pressure and flow measurement


IoT sensor measuring water quality online

IoT sensors hydrostatic level measurement

IoT sensors microwave level measurement


IoT sensors for flow measurement in open channels and rivers


IoT sensors drinking water quality measurement


IoT sensors for water quality measurement in sewers, rivers and immersion pits 



Multi-parametric IoT sensors for sewage (wastewater and industrial) qualification    



multi-parametric IoT sensors for water quality measurement 






detecta: IoT sensors for soil parameter measurement




detecta: IoT sensors for measuring agro-climatic parameters

energy and electrical parameters meters

Level and pressure probes

Flow meters and counters

detecta EMM3111-SC MID

energy meter and electrical parameters,  with display, RS485 modbus-RTU output and pulses, with MID certificate for billing.


detecta EM-SCT5-0150

Split Core current coils

 for quick and easy assembly, without the need to disconnect the power electrical busbars. Available ranges 200/5 A, 600/5 A, 1000/5 A and 1600/5 A