About us

Plan de recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia

ORIONIS has the mission to lead the digital disruption in the telemetry and remote control markets of water distribution networks.

We develop solutions for the complete water cycle with IoT technology, which optimizes the use of hydraulic infrastructures and reduces operating and maintenance costs.

Our main asset is our human team with extensive experience in the sector and deep knowledge of the design and operation of water networks.

We are manufacturers with our own hardware technology (dataloggers, RTUs and sensors), software (on premise) and digital services (web and app) with great added value.

Hardware and sensors

With IoT technology, with 2G / 3G / 4G connectivity, ISM radiofrequency and iridium satellite, designed with very low power electronics:

  • Datalogger and remote stations (RTU) for telemetry and remote control: sigma , delta, alpha.
  • Sensors and instrumentation detecta for the monitoring and control of water quality, control of discharges, measurement of hydraulic parameters and energy.
    water quality and control of spills: multiparameter bores.
    – Control of floods in rivers
    – Flow measurement in waterways: area / speed flowmeter.
    – Hydraulic parameters: level, pressure.
    – Energy: electric parameters meters.


For the management of irrigation networks in associations of Irrigators and agronomic irrigation in agricultural holdings (hidranet), connectors and webservice for interoperability with third-party applications, and software tools for monitoring hydraulic infrastructures and the environment (monitor-tools)

digital services (SaaS)

We have simple and effective apps for farmers of associations of irrigators and agricultural holdings (app nebula), as well as for the monitoring and supervision of hydraulic infrastructures and conservation of the environment (app monitor).

We offer you a range of professional services to:

  • Maintenance and tele-assistance of remote control systems of Irrigation Communities  and water network management companies.
  • Consultancy for monitoring and remote control solutions for the integral water cycle.

for partners

To facilitate the integration and adoption of new TIC technology (4.0) in the associations of irrigators ORIONIS puts at your disposal specialized applications that use:

  • IoT technologies for communications (wireless and satellite internet connections),
  • remote stations (RTU) of last generation for distributed control of hydraulic infrastructures and environment
  • specialized platform for the management of irrigation networks, connectivity and interoperability and software tools for data exploitation.
  • digital services: app, SaaS applications
  • tele-assistance services and support for maintenance and exploitation, and consultancy for the implementation of IoT solutions