alpha: modular IoT RTU

Plan de recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia

alpha = RTU modular + gateway + multi-datalogger + PLC con tecnología IoT

for telemetry, remote control and telecontrol applications, designed for aggressive and industrial environments with ethernet connectivity, intranet IoT (2G / 4G), ISM UHF radio and satellite with iridium, in addition to having local connectivity with RS485, RS232 and Ethernet communication ports with modbus-TCP, modbus-RTU, RP-I, MQTT,OPC-UA, AFI, FTP industrial protocols and other optional protocols. It is multitasking, modular and expandable with smart I/O cards. It adapts to the most demanding data acquisition applications. They allow easy monitoring with the mobile web monitor app.

easy and redundant communications

it exchanges information through several ports and using several protocols simultaneously (multitask), registers it (datalogger), and relays it to its control center in the cloud


One of the most suitable applications of the RTU alpha is to perform the following tasks (multitasking):

  • exchange information transparently between various PLCs and serial devices on the market,
  • concentrate and organize the different data in an optimized and organized mapping
  • record the most relevant data from these devices (local multi-datalogger function) and relay them via IoT (2G / 3G / 4G or via Ethenert)
  • perform calculations and local automatisms with the information of the different devices
  • relay information via IoT (2G / 3G / 4G) or via Ethernet to one or more remote control centers (Cloud) and receive orders and instruction
  • relay information via radio ISM-LoRA through 4 different channels and receive orders and instructions


multiple and redundant communications

  • multiple and redundant communications​:
    • IoT – Ethernet – radio – serial​
    • Modem IoT 2G/3G/4G bult-in ​
    • Ethernet port 10/100 Mbs, RJ45 conector​
    • Serial ports: 2xRS232 and 2x RS485​


  • multiple protocols:​
    • modbus-TCP (client / server)​
    • modbus-RTU (master / slave)​
    • other specific for connection to PLCs of the market: DF1 (Rockwell), Hostlink (Omrom)​
    • FTP​
    • RPIP serial port protocol for ISM radio​
    • iridium satellite modem protocol​

special and innovative features

  • It is multitasking and with great capacity of process, memory and storage: solid state disk 4Gb type SD
  • integrated IoT modem-router 2G/3G/4G. Redundant connection with 2G/4G router.
  • gateway: multiple communication ports and manages multiple standard protocols
  • modular IO: modular digital and analog inputs / outputs (I/O) specialized for hydraulic control.
  • advanced functions for:
  • data exchange between devices
  • datalogger of all I / O and connected devices.
  • local automation and remote control
  • solid state disk 4Gb SD type
  • monitoring and resettable electronic protections
  • remote firmware update (OTA).
  • robustness IK7 and protection IP20

modems and routers for IoT wireless communications: 2G/3G/4G and satellite or telemetry, remote control and telecontrol applications

designed for aggressive and industrial environments internet (2G/4G), ISM radio and satellite with iridium. They allow the connection of RTU wirelessly, through their RS485 / 232 local communication ports. It adapts to the most demanding data acquisition applications.

2G/3G/4G integrated modem. Ethernet and 2x (RS232/RS485) ports.

2G/4G industrial router, Ethernet connection


transparent radio-modem ISM synthesized in power and frequency in the bands 433 and 866 Mhz

iridium satellite modem, serial connection, with integrated antenna

alpha: available models

Pos. CPU alpha 2G/3G/4G internal modem Ethernet port 10/100 Mb 232/485 serial port SSD memory No. ED digital inputs No. EC inputs meter No. EAN 4..20 mA Vcc power No. SD Vcc external ISM radio modem satellite modem external iridium
3.1 alpha 30-G 1 1 2+2 4 Gb 0 0 0 10-30 5 5 maxi 1
3.2 alpha 35-G 1 1 2+2 4 Gb 1 3 2 10-30 5 5 maxi 1

alpha 35G

alpha 35-G

alpha 30G

alpha 35G + IO9.4.2.0 + IO12.4.0.0

Supported protocols:

    • modbus TCP client/server,
    • modbus RTU master /slave,
    • RP-IP,
    • FTP
    • webservice,
    • iridium
    • optionals: DF1 Rockwell DF1, Omron, DNP3
    • others: consult

alpha: I/O cards

Pos I/0 cards No. EC counter inputs No. Auxiliary inputs ED No. SD Digital Outputs Vcc No. Analog inputs EAN 4..20 mA No. Analog outputs SAN 4..20 mA Size (width mm)
3.11 IO 2 7 4 2 0 30
3.12 IO 2 10 4 0 0 30
3.13 IO 2 1 5 2 0 0

transparent synthesized radio-modem ISM


Pos modem model frequency Mhz No. of channels Baud series transmission speed Serial port Baud radio transmission speed Feeding Vcc Antenna type connection Size (width mm) Assembly Degree protection
3.21 ISM43 LoRA 433 15 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600,
9600 12-24 BNC female 60 DIN rail IP20
3.22 ISM88 LoRA 868 20 1200, 2400, 4800 , 9600,
9600 12-24 BNC female 60 DIN rail IP20

modem satelital iridium


Pos modem model Type of messages Baud series transmission speed Serial port Feeding Vcc Satelital antenna Size type of connection Assembly Degree protection
3.23 IRD02 sms 9600 RS232 12-24 Integrated internal 140x80x65 M12 support included IP68