drinking water networks

Plan de recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia

“Our goal is to provide effective and efficient solutions based on IoT technologies for monitoring and remote control of drinking water networks”

our value proposition

Provide urban network managers with effective and efficient solutions based on IoT and Cloud technologies that help them:

  • optimize the management of its infrastructures and resources in a way that respects the environment
  • lower operating and maintenance costs, increasing competitiveness
  • improve water quality and the environment

For this, we provide effective, easy to implement and economical solutions based on applications that use detecta sensorsdelta and alpha, RTU dataloggers, complemented by the monitor app for:

  • sectorize the drinking water network, detect leaks and breaks
  • monitor deposits and tele-measure water consumption
  • monitor, telecontrol and automate pumping stations and the filling of the deposits according to the demand and the cost of the electricity tariff, optimizing their electrical consumption and improving their performance
  • telecontrolling the irrigation of gardens and urban green areas

Smart water networks

monitoring, remote control, automation and coordination between wells, pumping stations (PS) deposits and tanks, and the hydraulic network; monitoring of leaks and breaks and energy control of the PS

potable water distribution networks

sectorization and monitoring of the network

dataloggers for pressure and flow telemetry :
guarantees the uniformity of pressures in the network,
prevents leaks, saving water and energy.

modulación de presión en la red RIGEL

Hourly pressure modulation with variable setpoints:RIGEL-VRP regulation controller with autonomus battery power supply, attachable to any hydraulic valve

macromedition of flows

dataloggers for monitoring and telemetry of expenditure (flow and volume) at delivery points

online water quality monitoring

on-line water quality telemetry in the water distribution network.

macro-metering in distribution networks

macro-metering, sectorization: monitoring and control of flows and pressures in the network, using quadrometers and stack meters.

macrometering in distribution networks

macro-measurement, sectorization: monitoring and control of flow rates and pressures in the network, using quadrometers and stack meters

electonic pressure regulation

electronic pressure-flow control: RIGEL-VHP pressure-flow control module for large-diameter valves

electronic limiting and/or flow control

remote control of hydraulic valves for electronic flow and pressure regulation

macro-metering and remote control of motorised valves

remote control of motorised valves for programmed opening/closing timetables

deposits and tanks

Monitor and supervise your water tanks with our dataloggers and IoT delta and detecta sensors, fed with small solar panels or even batteries, controlling at all times the level and capacity of stored water, record the consumption, control the minimum night flows, the water quality (chlorine, PH), and solve the automation of automatic filling, maintaining at all times your infrastructure controlled in real time with our monitor app, maximizing water availability.

simple monitoring

deposits and tanks: monitoring level, volumen, flow

water quality monitoring

deposits: flow telemetry, chlorine monitoring, pH, pressure, level

automated filling

monitoring and remote control of wells and deposits: automatic remote control of the wells according to the remote levels of the deposit and the rates and capacity of the wells, monitoring of the hydraulic subsystem.

automated filling

deposits and pumping stations: automatic start-up based on remote levels and tariffs, hydraulic subsystem monitoring

wells and pumping stations

From monitoring to the implementation of simple remote controls to control, remotely, wells and pumping stations, through energy control applications, automated operation based on level parameters and electricity tariffs can be solved with our solutions based on the RTU delta and alpha datalogger, and the monitor app, which will help you improve your exploitation costs by optimizing energy and maximizing water availability.

monitoring and simple remote control

monitoring and remote control of wells and pumping stations: control of the status of the pumps and their hydraulic parameters

telemetry and well control


telemetry and well control: automation, remote control, automatic dosing, control of its hydraulic and electrical parameters

energy control


consumption and electrical and hydraulic parameters, pumping station performance, breakage control,
automation coordinated with the electric tariff

vibration control


prevents breakage and mechanical breakdown, reduces operating costs and minimizes downtime

irrigation of gardens and green areas

For the remote control of irrigation in green areas and gardens we propose the installation of IoT psiBOS controllers directly in the irrigation valves boxes, connect rain, humidity, pressure and flow sensors and the latch electrovalves that can be programmed with the nebula irrigation app-web remotely or directly by bluetooth, which will allow you to plan the irrigations, and know in real time the alarms and incidents of the irrigation network and the controllers.

irrigation stations

estaciones de riego

psiBOS: Irrigation RTU that is installed directly in the box, is watertight IP68, submersible