waste water networks

Plan de recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia

“Our objective is to provide effective and efficient solutions based on IoT technologies for the monitoring and remote control of waste water and pluvial networks”

our value proposition

Provide stormwater and pluvial networks managers with effective and efficient solutions based on IoT and Cloud technologies that help them:

  • optimize the management of its infrastructures and resources in a way that respects the environment
  • lower operating and maintenance costs, increasing competitiveness
  • improve water quality and the environment

For this we provide effective, easy and economic solutions to implement based on the applications that use sensor detecta, RTU datalogger delta and alpha family, complemented by mobile apps (monitor)) to:

  • control wastewater discharges: detect, quantify and typify them
  • control industrial discharges: detect them, quantify them and typify them
  • telemetering the effluent flows in the collectors
  • monitor and remote control the wastewater pumping stations

urban water: waste water and pluvial networks

integrated remote control of sewage and rainwater networks: smart wastewater networks

network monitoring

monitoring levels / flows in waste water and pluvial networks

spill detection and telemetry

detection and quantification of reliefs, monitoring of levels in collectors

quantification of discharges

telemetry of the discharge flow with prefabricated channels in WWTP (EDAR) and industry

flood prevention

flood control and prevention: level, speed, flow, rainfall monitoring

stormwater monitoring

rainwater dam and storm tank containment monitoring: level, overflow control, alarms and warnings

gate remote control

level monitoring, gate remote control

quality control of discharges

detection and control (quality) of treated water at the exit of treatment plants: PH telemetry, conductivity, redox, temperature and level

quality control of discharges

control of discharges (quality) in the waste water network: PH, conductivity, redox, temperature, and level

monitoring and remote control of EBAR pumping stations

Monitor and implement remote control systems of wastewater pumping stations (EBAR) in a simple and effective way, control your discharges, your flows, using our RTU datalogger IoT delta5 and alpha and our sensors detecta that they will allow you to have at all times your real-time monitored sanitation network in an effective and simple way with our monitor app

PS monitoring

PS monitoring: pump status, alarms, effluent level, discharge control

PS remote monitoring and control

PS efficiency control: telemetry of the state of the pumps, the electrical parameters and the energy consumed, the level of the well and the overflows,

energy monitoring and control

PS monitoring: states, alarms, relief detection, energy and level-flow regulation, modbus communication with local devices

coordinated telecontrol of PSs

coordinated telecontrol: coordinated EBAR stops online to avoid spills, states, alarms