Plan de recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia

sigma5, delta5: special and innovative features

IoT communications in real time (ONLine)

  • secure IoT connection to internet 2G / 3G, universal, independent of the operator
  • local communication via bluetooth (BL 4.1), from a mobile device
  • real-time communication (ONLine) with immediately response time (1 to 5 sec), with the mini-solar panel connected.
  • it integrate an antenna, or, optionally, an external antenna

advanced remote control functions, for:

  • flow and pressure control
  • specialized integrated automation
  • configurable alarms
  • ONLINE actions: activation of valves and actuators in real time
  • inputs for auxiliary agronomic sensors
  • outputs for 2 or 3 wire latch valves, and digital outputs Vcc

self-monitoring of the operating conditions of the RTU itself, detection and alarms of:

  • selective internal rearmable electronic protections and for external sensors.
  • disconnection of the solar panel or FA
  • movement and opening of the RTU box
  • failure of analog sensors
  • internal work temperature control
  • voltages and charging current
  • level of coverage and quality of communications (accessibility)
  • Remote firmware update (OTA)
  • ON / OFF intelligent ignition


  • You can always evolve towards a superior model. For example: from a sigma5 2.2X you can evolve to a sigma5 2.13.2-G or from a delta 1.0.1-G you can evolve to a delta5-8.4.2-G

sealing (IP68), robustness (IK7), small dimensions

  • IP68 waterproof enclosure, IP68 waterproof connectors, can be mounted outdoors
  • robust, high impact resistance (IK9)
  • small dimensions, integrates the battery

multiple feeding systems and ultra-low consumption

  • smart charger, which allows you to connect both lead gel and lithium batteries.
  • current control, load voltage
  • battery or internal integrated battery

sigma5, delta5: multiple feeding systems

solar: with 1w or 5w mini-panels

  • internal batteries: lead or lithium gel, selectable by fw.
  • external batteries

bateria interna solar panel 12v

solar: internal battery and mini-solar panel 12V

extern: power from battery box or external battery 12 Vdc and solar panel.

mixed redundant: power supply + solar panel

mixed redundant: 110-240 Vac power supply, with sealed power supply and 12 Vdc solar panel.

altern 110-240 Vca with IP68 12Vdc sealed power supply.


autonomous: only with long-life lithium or lead batteries.