Sponsorship of Orionis in the race “A Santiago contra el Cáncer”

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From June 23 to June 30 will be held the non-competitive race “A Santiago Contra el Cáncer” (http://asantiagocontraelcancer.com/), which has been held since 2011 in order to raise money for the fight against cancer.

In this edition, the route will be done in stages of 5 to 20 km and will run from Hendaya to Santiago, passing through San Vicente de la Varquera, Santo Toribio de Liébana, Riaño and León; a total of 890.80 kilometers and more than 98 hours running.

Due to Orionis’ commitment to the community, the company has decided to be a sponsor and participant of the event, contributing its bit so that the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) can continue working in the eradication of the disease and support for the sick people and families.

We hope that this year’s figures improve those of the previous edition: more than 100 participants throughout the tour and a donated amount of about 40,000 €, making the total collection over these 8 years is more than 190,000 € .

If you want more information about the event you can visit the following pages: