First fully automated extensive irrigation system in Andalusia with IoT technology of Orionis

Plan de recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia

Finca Santa Rita, in La Rinconada (Seville, Spain), has relied on Orionis to carry out irrigation automation work with IoT technology on 2 of its hectares, dedicated to the cultivation of tomatoes and cotton.

This automation has consisted in the installation of an IoT sigma 5 programmer with 18 IoT expansions for remote control of the 36 sector valves, as can be seen in the image.

Thus, in this application two models of programmers have been used:

  • A programmer for irrigation head model sigma5 S5-6.6.2-G for the management of the general valve, the filter control and the reserve well, equipped with 2 EC, 4 auxiliary inputs, 4 Latch outputs (SL), 2 EAN and 2G/GPRS modem integrated for IoT connection.
  • 18 IoT expansions sigma5-0.2.0-G for remote control of hydraulic valves, with two latch outputs and an auxiliary input.

In addition, every farm is managed from mobile devices with the nebula app, which allows the registration, storage and management of historical data and alarms related with irrigations, online and in real time.

The installation of the system has been executed quickly and easily, avoiding the use of wiring and microtubes and thus saving assembly and maintenance costs. In addition, the entire system is operated from a smartphone with nebula app and it allows the integration of ground and water sensors in a precise and selective way, thus enabling optimal management of irrigations in order to make the most of a scarce resource: water.