We continue to innovate with the IoT in the management of irrigation networks: CR Payuelos (León)

Plan de recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia

This week we have supplied from our factory in Vigo, 261 remote stations (RTU) IoT sigma5 model s5-528 and pressure, flow and intrusion sensors, as well as their corresponding mini-solar panels for remote control of the new irrigation network “Irrigation transformation project in sector XXIV  of the sub-area of Payuelos-Área Cea- of the Irrigation Community of Riaño (León)” (http://www.payuelos.es/).

Thanks to the agreement signed with the Community, ITACyL (http://www.itacyl.es/ingenieria-rural/mapa-de-infraestructuras/seguimiento-de-las-obras) and the construction company Collosa (http://www.corporacionllorente.es/), in the coming weeks we will start with the assembly and commisioning works of the installed park, which will modernize the irrigation for greater competitiveness and profitability of the agricultural sector in the area.

From Orionis, thank the Community, ITACyL and Collosa for trusting in our solution.