Ariéstolas Crops, agronomic irrigation with sigma5

Plan de recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia

Ariéstolas Crops is a farm located in Ariéstolas, in Fonz (Huesca, Spain), which belongs to Liven Agro, a business group dedicated to the transformation of corn for use it in the food industry ( The company is located near Monzón and it is a very important company in the industry, since it is considered a leader in Europe in the production of snacks, with  presence in 85 countries approximately.

It is in a process of modernization, since until now it worked with the manual programming of the PIVOTs for the irrigation of the fields and this fact turned the farm into a difficult area to irrigate and manage and in which times were not optimized.

Through our local partner Jose María Maench, the solution proposed by Orionis has been the automation of the entire irrigation process, through the joint remote control of the entire farm. To do this, existing programmers were replaced by new ones, but using the existing boxes on the farm.

The Project of Ariéstolas Crops farm started this month, with the implementation of the first phase of the IoT irrigation system of PIVOTs, coordinated with sprinkler irrigation in zone G of the farm, which includes the installation of 5 sigma 5 for 1 PIVOT and 4 sprinkle zones.

Solution adapted to the first phase of the project.


These equipment will help the extensive irrigation of corn, a crop of great relevance for the company because it is one of the main axes of the business, since they have IoT 2G/3G communications that allow a greater and more precise control in a simpler way than other equipment present in the market, beacuse communications are made ONLINE (real time).

In addition, in the following months, a second phase of the project will be carried out with the implementation and installation of the remote control system for 5 new PIVOTs and 30 new programmers for sprinkler irrigation with our irrigation RTU sigma 5, so that the irrigation of the 1,100 hectares that the farm has will be remote controlled.