Remote-controlled system of the Irrigation Network in Collarada-Montesusín (Huesca)

Plan de recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia

The Community of Irrigators Collarada 2nd section of Montesusín (Huesca, Spain), one of the communities that are part of the General Community Riegos del Alto Aragón (, is considered the largest irrigation system in Spain, since which has 130,300 irrigated hectares and an area of influence of 2,500km.

With 3,100 Ha modernized with pressurized irrigation in 2007, it has carried out a renovation of the entire remote-controlled system of its irrigation network (which was based on radio communications), relying on our RTU datalogger IoT sigma 5 with 2G/GPRS communications.

During the irrigation campaign in 2018, the Community tried different alternatives and finally, the responsible chose Orionis solution because of its reliability, performance, robustness and easy handling, with which not only it could manage irrigation hydrants, but also their farmers could also irrigate their parcels directly using our nebula mobile application from their smartphones and this avoids having to use traditional programmers.

176 RTUs have been changed, and the entire installation has been carried out by the staff of the Irrigation Community with our remote support. This would be unthinkable with the old remote-controlled system in which, for installation and commissioning, it would have to invest more time and it would require expert staff in communications and automation. Now, it has been easy and fast thanks to the IoT technology.

From here, thank the Community for their confidence and effort.