C.R. Andévalo Pedro Arco (Huelva, Spain)

Plan de recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia

Telecontrol of pumping stations, ponds and irrigation heads

  • Location: Villanueva de los Castillejos (Huelva)
  • Origin of water: Azud Matavacas
  • Irrigated area: 1,500 Has
  • Cultivation: Orange trees
  • Pumping stations: 3, with 1,735 kW installed
  • Ponds: 3, total capacity 990,000 m3
  • Filtration stations: 2
  • Automation of motorized valves
  • ETAP gross water tank automation
  • Automation reservoir reclaimed water
  • 5 Delivery points to fertigation stations
  • Central control center: 1
  • Communications: radio + 3G
  • Scada nebview, with monitor-tools modules: energy, report, historian and alarm

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